Knife-Carrying IRS Agent Sues Timothy Geithner for Religious Discrimination

Knife-Carrying IRS Agent Sues Timothy Geithner for Religious Discrimination

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Here’s a real doozy of a story from about our politically correct legal system run a-friggin-muck:

United States District Judge Sim Lake granted a motion to dismiss a claim under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) against certain defendants in a lawsuit by a former employee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who, because she is a member of the Sikh faith, wore a kirpan to work.

Judge Lake also dismissed the employee’s claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 against all of the defendants except Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.

Now, since when does the first amendment give a person the right to flaunt the symbols of her worship in a government workplace?

Look at that thing. It’s a medieval sword, for Pete’s sake! A neanderthal would understand why you can’t bring something like that into a government workplace?

What next, kirpans on airplanes?

And consider this: If the IRS allowed a Christian woman to advertise her religion in the workplace how long do you think it would take the ACLU to bring a lawsuit against the government for violating the first amendment’s establishment clause?

They’ve prosecuted teachers simply for praying in school.

If this knife-wielding wackozoid wins her case, I think I’ll start conducting animal sacrifices in my law firm lobby.

(Hat Tip: Paul Caron)

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  1. Jeff Sartain says:

    I am jewish and work for the IRS. I am discriminated against because of being a white Jewish male. If you are not black and female, you do not get promoted at the IRS. More power to this woman.

  2. Do you bring weapons to work?