Message to 99 Percenters: Stop Watching TV and Playing Video Games

Message to 99 Percenters: Stop Watching TV and Playing Video Games

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Economist Robert Frank writing for the Wall Street Journal Wealth Report asks Do the Wealthy Work Harder Than the Rest?:

One of the most controversial issues surrounding inequality is work  effort.  Some on the right argue that top earners are successful in  part because they work harder than others. Many on the left argue that  the middle class and poor work just as hard – maybe even harder, with  multiple jobs — but that the economic deck is stacked against them.

A new study [below] offers evidence that higher-educated (and therefore higher-earning)  Americans do indeed spend more time working and less  time on leisure than poorer income groups. In fact, while income  inequality may be growing, “leisure inequality” – time spent on  enjoyment – is growing as a mirror image, with the low earners gaining  leisure and the high earners losing.

The more surprising discovery, however, is a corresponding leisure  gap has opened up between the highly-educated and less-educated.   Low-educated men saw their leisure hours grow to 39.1 hours in  2003-2007, from 36.6 hours in 1985. Highly-educated men saw their  leisure hours shrink to 33.2 hours from 34.4 hours.  … A similar pattern emerged for women. Low-educated women saw their  leisure time grow to 35.2 hours a week from 35 hours. High-educated  women saw their leisure time decrease to 30.3 hours from 32.2 hours. … (The study defines leisure as time spend watching TV, socializing,  playing games, talking on the phone, reading personal email, enjoying  entertainment and hobbies and other activities.) …

While the study doesn’t seek to prove that the high earners work  harder “that story would be consistent with the data,” said Mr. Hurst.

These findings won’t come as a surprise to anyone with a fully intact frontal cortex, which means the radical class warrior left will be surprised by them.

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