Closing the Income Equality Gap by Any Means Necessary?

Closing the Income Equality Gap by Any Means Necessary?

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For some folks this post from Paul Caron will probably be received as good news:

Johnston: Income Gender Gap Narrows as Male Income Falls

Reuters, Underpaid Women and Their Men, by David Cay Johnston:

New data on U.S. incomes, poverty, pensions and philanthropy all show  a common economic reality — women are still getting shortchanged. …

Men’s median total income in 2010 was $1.54 for each  dollar women received, my analysis of new U.S. Census data shows. The  median — half make more, half less — was $32,137 a year for men,  $20,831 for women.

Ignoring  investment and other income, at the median men were paid $1.29 to the  dollar earned by women in 2010. Men made $47,715 a year, women $36,931, a  difference of $207 per week.


If your goal is to increase women’s pay, I’m with you. But if your goal is to eliminate the gender income-gap, count me out.

As Johnston’s article shows, the government can lessen, or even eliminate the gender gap, without adding a single penny to the incomes of women simply by reducing the incomes of men. But to do that would be to ratify the use of vengeance as a basis of public policy.

I suspect that all but the most radical of egalitarians would oppose that.

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