Obamacare Bill is 12 times the Size of the U.S. Constitution

Obamacare Bill is 12 times the Size of the U.S. Constitution

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The Democrats healthcare bill is now up to 1,900 pages. Do you think anybody is going to take the time to read and understand this monstrosity?

I don’t.

For kicks, I thought it would be interesting to compare it’s length with the approximate lengths of some of the most world-changing documents ever written:

  • The King James Bible – 1888 (2 pages shorter than the healthcare bill and you burn forever if you screw this up)
  • The Qu’ran – 250 (only 250 pages to find out how to convert the world to Islam)
  • The U.S. Constitution – 150 (less than 1/10th as long as the healthcare bill, but at least as important)
  • Magna Carta – 10 (the length of a mere subclause in the healthcare bill)
  • War and Peace – 1296 (a fictional account of Russian Revolution five Russian families in the age of Napolean and beyond is just 2/3rds the size of Obamacare)
  • The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire – 1312 (a 900 year history of the greatest empire is 600 pages shorter than the Democrat’s healthcare bill)

A note about methodology: For some of the older documents I could find only the estimated word counts. In those cases I assumed that one page = 300 words. So, for example, I found that there are 75,000 words in the Qu’ran. I divided this number by 300 to obtain the number of pages you see above, 250.

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  1. Louis Toth says:

    This bill was enacted before congress even read it. The commission appointed to rule on enforcement has unlimited power by citing “on the other hand” provisions. That is too much power. As an old man I am frightened for my for my grandchildren.